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Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam

On this Hoover Dam tour you’ll visit an engineering marvel constructed during the Great Depression and dedicated on September 30, 1935 by President Franklin Roosevelt. Originally called the Boulder Dam it was built between 1931 and 1936 in the Black Canyon on the state line between Nevada and Arizona. This was a huge project involving thousands of workers who were on the clock for 24 hours a day. Over a hundred people died during the construction. The dam was named after President Herbert Hoover at a later date causing some controversy.
This is a great photo opportunity of the dam and also the new Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Bridge, the widest concrete arch bridge in the western hemisphere. You’ll take the Power Plant tour where you see film describing the building of the dam and travel deep inside the tunnels to view the giant generators sending power out to over a million people. There you hear about the history, people and building of this incredible feat of engineering.You can enjoy a leisurely walk across the dam into Arizona for more great sites and take the time to tour the inside of the dam.  We’ll drive across to Arizona for some great pictures of Lake Mead.
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